ijtima is an Islamic magazine which explore qualities of a good Muslim with a focus on belief (ilm), practice (amal) and consciousness (ihsan)

I start in the name of Allah, the most merciful and kind. All praise is to him. He created us, gave us intellect and showed us his bounty. Peace be upon his prophet Muhammad who is the final prophet and a guidance to all till the end of days. Blessing be upon all the companions who held on to the way of the prophets with conviction. Mercy be upon those who followed them relentlessly and preserved the din unscathed.

A work in progress

The idea of publishing a periodical had been tinkering on my mind for some time. I kept pondering on how to execute the project and as time passed nothing came to be. Finally, at the insistence of some sincere students and earnest colleagues, I simply started with the name Allah; focusing on the message without any regard to the form. May Allah keep this effort sincere, effective and source of salvation for the reader, myself and all those involved. Insha-Allah the site will grow and improve as time passes. For us is to try sincerely, this is where our reward lies; success is in the hands of Allah almighty.


We will publish on Wednesday, Not every Wednesday - just when we have something to share.

Share like we share

Our content is available freely. So use it, share it but don't restrict others from doing the same. All works in ijtima are first time publications so reference the contributors and the source here. The article are released on a creative commons Creative Commons Licence licence with a few added conditions. See the sharing policy for details.

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