Issue 106

In the days of devotion, control your anger and refrain from debates

The days of devotion

In the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, say Subhanallah, Alhamidulillah, and Allahu Akbar increasingly. Do your necessary Takbir on the allotted days. If possible, fast on the day of Arafah – there is great reward in this. If eligible, give Qurbani on the day of Eid – this is an obligation to Allah for men and women. The rewards of all deeds are with Allah and his reward in better and everlasting.

Refrain from debates

Even if you are in the right refrain from debates and arguments. This is also a great calamity from the calamities of the tongue. These are such that they destroy the inner self of a person and the radiance of knowledge. If you must discuss do it from this aspect that it should be with seeking the truth. As in, speak to another seeking the truth, present your stance, and listen to them. If you understand, accept it, if you do not understand, discard it. That is it! Do not debate!

Issue 105 - Ramadan

When Ramadan comes fast is made compulsory so that you may become god-fearing

When Ramadan comes

When Ramadan comes, the door of mercy is open so do more good, recite the Quran and fast for it has been prescribed. When Ramadan comes, the door of fire is shut so desist from evil, repent and seek Laylat al-Qadr. When Ramadan comes, the devils are put in jail so do not become the agent of shaytan or cause corruption; be mindful of the rights of others and seek freedom from the fire of hell. Ramadan is a great gift from Allah; utilise it, do not squander it.


Fast is made compulsory (Baqarah 183-187)

Oh those who believe! Fasting has been made compulsory upon you, as it had been made compulsory on those before you, so that you may become fearful... So those of you who witness the month, fast within it. Those who are ill or on travel the number will be from other days. Allah intends for you ease, He does not intends for you hardship. Complete the number, exalt Allah at what He has granted you, and perhaps you may become thankful.


Issue 104 - Time

Value your time, manage your time [for] time is priceless.

Value your time

In this age of clocks we have failed to realise that time is limited and our end is nigh. Time is fleeting and we are at a loss except for those who are righteous. Divide your time between worship and necessity. Spend every moment in the remembrance of Allah. That is time most excellently spent.

Manage your time

Time is limited spend it wisely. Schedule your task – start with the most important and do not let any time pass unaccounted. Remember to Allah we must give account. Abide by this consistently for that is the path to perfection. Sleep on time, start early and pray to Allah almighty. That is the key to success in this world and the next.

Time is priceless

If life is the process that leads to death, we are all dying. Time is short, our life is short. Do not squander your life in pursuit of measly pleasures and meager gains. Remember your end and do not waste time. Time it is priceless and no amount of wealth can replace that. Value your time for even now you have one second less.

Issue 103

The great message: For those who doubt the hereafter, [hell is in waiting]. For those who believe and fear Allah, [paradise is in waiting].

The [great] message (Surah Naba')

This is a translation of Surah Naba. It shows the futility of asking regarding the qualities of the hereafter whilst denying the actual event. It shows that to deny the hereafter is to deny one's senses and is utterly outlandish. It confirms that the hereafter is the truth - heaven and hell are in waiting. Allah almighty is just and generousness - he has warned us and regret will be for those who did not take heed.

To those who doubt the hereafter (Naba': 1-30)

Those who doubt the hereafter, those who deny reckoning, those who dismiss heaven and hell, on what ground do they question the ability of Allah almighty! The hereafter is a fact, the day of reckoning is a fact, heaven and hell is a fact. For those in doubt, soon you will know - hell is in waiting. Allah almighty (in Surah Naba: 1-30) shows the foolishness of their thought and the consequences thereof.

For those who believe and fear Allah (Naba': 31-40)

Indeed for the fearful there is success - gardens and vineyards, buxom maidens, brimming glasses. You will not hear within babble, nor lies. This is a reward from your lord and an ample gift.

Issue 102 - Marriage

To the bride and groom, be patient, be thankful and fear Allah

Marriage Sermon

The sermon preceding the marriage is sunnah. The message to all newly weds is 'Fear Allah! Fear Allah! Fear Allah!' This is the common ground which all relationships should be built. This is the solution to happiness even if we do not realise.

To the bride...

All praise is to Allah, the most compassionate and appreciative. Peace be upon his final prophet who is a great favour from Allah to all of creation. Blessings be upon his family and companions who were satisfied with the commandments of Allah and his messenger. May Allah almighty bless your marriage, may he create love amongst you and may he keep both of you steadfast on Islam.

To the groom...

All praise is to Allah, the most merciful and kind. Peace be upon our prophet who is a mercy for all creation and the kindest person. Blessings be upon his family and companion who where bonded to him through their devotion to Allah and his messenger. May Allah almighty bless your marriage, may he create love amongst you and may he keep both of you steadfast on Islam.

Issue 101

Dear students, the first lesson [is to] create weight in your actions

Dear Students...

Intentions determine the value of actions; correct your intentions. Indeed halal is clear and haram is clear; act accordingly and do not falter. Between these are ambiguous matters; avoid them. The path to perfection is in shunning triviality; value your time and health. Know your obligation to the people and fulfill it for the sake of Allah. Trust in Allah; pray and pray often.

The first lesson

Knowledge without action will become a burden for us in the hereafter. The value of our actions is determined by our intentions. Those who act for Allah and his messenger (peace be upon him) then their reward is with Allah. Those who act to gain the world then there reward is with the world. The gain of this world is temporary and reward of the hereafter is everlasting.


Create weight in your actions

To create weight in your actions, develop sincerity. Every action, whatever the action, do it for the pleasure of Allah almighty. Become free from the complements and contempt of creation. Forget that and work solely for Allah almighty.