Issue 104 - Time

Value your time, manage your time [for] time is priceless.

Value your time

In this age of clocks we have failed to realise that time is limited and our end is nigh. Time is fleeting and we are at a loss except for those who are righteous. Divide your time between worship and necessity. Spend every moment in the remembrance of Allah. That is time most excellently spent.

Manage your time

Time is limited spend it wisely. Schedule your task – start with the most important and do not let any time pass unaccounted. Remember to Allah we must give account. Abide by this consistently for that is the path to perfection. Sleep on time, start early and pray to Allah almighty. That is the key to success in this world and the next.

Time is priceless

If life is the process that leads to death, we are all dying. Time is short, our life is short. Do not squander your life in pursuit of measly pleasures and meager gains. Remember your end and do not waste time. Time it is priceless and no amount of wealth can replace that. Value your time for even now you have one second less.