Issue 103

The great message: For those who doubt the hereafter, [hell is in waiting]. For those who believe and fear Allah, [paradise is in waiting].

The [great] message (Surah Naba')

This is a translation of Surah Naba. It shows the futility of asking regarding the qualities of the hereafter whilst denying the actual event. It shows that to deny the hereafter is to deny one's senses and is utterly outlandish. It confirms that the hereafter is the truth - heaven and hell are in waiting. Allah almighty is just and generousness - he has warned us and regret will be for those who did not take heed.

To those who doubt the hereafter (Naba': 1-30)

Those who doubt the hereafter, those who deny reckoning, those who dismiss heaven and hell, on what ground do they question the ability of Allah almighty! The hereafter is a fact, the day of reckoning is a fact, heaven and hell is a fact. For those in doubt, soon you will know - hell is in waiting. Allah almighty (in Surah Naba: 1-30) shows the foolishness of their thought and the consequences thereof.

For those who believe and fear Allah (Naba': 31-40)

Indeed for the fearful there is success - gardens and vineyards, buxom maidens, brimming glasses. You will not hear within babble, nor lies. This is a reward from your lord and an ample gift.