Issue 101

Dear students, the first lesson [is to] create weight in your actions

Dear Students...

Intentions determine the value of actions; correct your intentions. Indeed halal is clear and haram is clear; act accordingly and do not falter. Between these are ambiguous matters; avoid them. The path to perfection is in shunning triviality; value your time and health. Know your obligation to the people and fulfill it for the sake of Allah. Trust in Allah; pray and pray often.

The first lesson

Knowledge without action will become a burden for us in the hereafter. The value of our actions is determined by our intentions. Those who act for Allah and his messenger (peace be upon him) then their reward is with Allah. Those who act to gain the world then there reward is with the world. The gain of this world is temporary and reward of the hereafter is everlasting.


Create weight in your actions

To create weight in your actions, develop sincerity. Every action, whatever the action, do it for the pleasure of Allah almighty. Become free from the complements and contempt of creation. Forget that and work solely for Allah almighty.