Ludhyanwi, Mufti Rashid Ahmad

Live by the code

people who are occupied in the service of the din of Allah almighty, if they do the work of din whilst abiding by the code, their service is accepted. However, if they do whatever comes to their heart and do no take consideration of the rules [of shariah], they are the slaves of their selves and not the servant of Allah.

Fickle obedience

Understand the meaning of gaining acceptance! In your mind, you have assumed that to gain the lord’s acceptance is easy. [Simply], read such and such a wazifa - read so many tasbih and istighfar – and from these tasbih and istighfar alone the lord will become happy; there is no need to stop disobeying him, do whatever you please so long as there is tasbih in hand. Ma’az Allah!

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