Ml. Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri keeps his word

A trader in Saharanpur invited the entire group for launch the next day. [Ml. Khalil Ahmad Saharapuri] gave his word that he will return [from his village] in the morning and arrive in the afternoon to eat. That day in the evingin, he went to the village and stayed the night. In the morning at the time of his departure, it started raining so heavily that it was hard to take a step. However, this did not waiver him. The family objected that don’t travel in such a condition. He said, ‘I have a launch invitation at the house of so and so and I have given my word that I would return in the morning’. So he left and was drenched in the rain but got to the station on time. He arrived at Saharanpur station and whilst he was sat in the car returning, he saw the trader. He had the car stopped and informed him that we will arrive as promised. [The trader] looked worried and said, ‘The rain was so heavy that I did not think you will make it. I have not made any arrangement. Now the invitation is for tomorrow morning.’

Ml. [Ashraf Ali] Thanwi [who was with him] says, 'At that time, his calmness and my anger was worth seeing. However, out of respect for him I could not show my anger. Mawlana [Saharanpuri] accepted the [renewed] invitation also. Despite the fact that we were together and the family being informed that the group has got [a renewed] invitation, he made arrangement for food as soon as he arrived and the entire group became his guests for the time. The following day he prepared to go the house of the inviter (trader). However, I due to my anger of the previous day refused and I made the excuse that I do feel hungry in the morning. [Furthermore,] due to the delay I may miss my train and I need to get to home. [Ml. Saharanpuri] could read a person and sussed by mood. He was also a tactful person and was able to balance a conflict. He interceded, ‘Join us and if you feel peckish eat otherwise I will not insist.’ So Mawlana Thanwi attended and then without eating after short stay sought leave. However, he called the host outside and scolded him that in future do not be so reckless and taking advantage of his calmness and humility.


Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman

Tazkirat al-Khalil (2003). Deoband, India; Darul Kitab Deoband. p. 229