Leadership qualities; generosity and fairness

[Every one of you is a leader and every one of you will be asked regarding their subordinates - hadith]

Leaders should be the source of good. Their intention should be clean. Their knowledge should be deep. Their actions should be righteous. Their character should be high. Within [their character] there should be generosity as well as fairness. They should not spend excessively due to their generosity; their fairness should control that. They should not become miserly due to their sense of justice for that will dispirit the subordinates. Generosity will create pleasantness but fairness must accompany it. If there is generosity [but] with unfairness the leader will become biased; one group will be favoured and another group abandoned. There will be chaos in the realm. However, if there is fairness along with generosity everyone will receive their share accordingly. No one will have any complaints.

Posted in ijtima.org, note 32. Originally published in Khutbat Hakim al-Islam. Hakim al-Ummat Qari Muhammad Qasimi. v.1 p. 284

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman