A culture of criticism

Our culture has become such that the delight we get in criticising, taking faults and analysing the vices of others is not to be found in any work of real change. To discuss the problems of our surrounding is a pass time for which we invent creative ways of new insight but we are unwilling to take any significant steps to alleviate these problems. If we take up the standard then our wish is that somebody else start the reformation [for us]. Our reformative works progresses on the notion that other than us every person is corrupt – we are responsible for correcting their character and deed. They think and act on all these things but it transpires to very few minds that we have faults also. At the very beginning, we must concern [ourselves] with rectifying these [faults of ours]. Hence, any reform movement that is unaware of itself and makes others their target will have no weight or effect. It will merely become a bureaucratic endeavour.

Posted in ijtima.org, note 33. Originally published in Apni khabar Lijiye in Zikr wa Fikr. (1420). Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani . Kutub Khana Ni'immiyah: Deoband, India. p.60.

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman