The causes of failure

[Islam started as a stranger and will return as a stranger. So glad tiding upon the strangers – Muslim. Islam started with only the few so do not worry about scale or support; Allah is enough for us. Have a vision, set a goal, hold on to the shariah and start with the name of Allah for the sake of Allah. - saif]

Nowadays organisation fill whole registers with strategies and positions but no real work is done. We should do whatever we can. Do not worry about scale - start small. Our case is such that we want to be top-notch or not at all.

Nowadays the problem is the work has not started and our focus is [on branding] – let us publicise it on the paper or print adverts. Is this not riya (insincerity)? Has riya and the like not been prohibited? For whom is this prohibition? Is it for the disbelievers? Absolutely not, it is Muslims who have been prohibited from riya. Search within and you will find your purpose nothing other than name and fame.

Nowadays our circumstance is such that there is always trouble in collective work - the more collective the more arguments. It is a testament of day and night that whichever work has more bickering and formalities ends very soon. The work that endures is the one that advances gradually and moves at a steady pace.

People who from the very beginning make long plans, form committees, assign positions and prepare conferences do not get any work done – all of them become cold after just four days. However, nowadays temperaments have changed such that without pomp, marketing and being fancy they do not know how to do any work.

Posted in, note 43 (10 Safar 1433). Originally published in Tabligh Tawasi bi al-Haq in Tuhfat al-Fuqaha. (1422). Mufti Muhammad Zayd al-Hindi (ed). Idarah Ta'ifat al-Ashrafiyyah: Multan, Pakistan. p.79 v.1.

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman