Patience is Iman

Hadrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "He without patience is without Iman". How so?

If we truly understand what we say when we proclaim la-ilaha illallah then what grievance, what thorn and what sword can scathe us? We have taken Allah as the lord and it is to him we turn. Worship is solely for the one who possesses greatness and part of greatness is control. Allah is all controlling – the determiner of events. Did we not proclaim that good and bad comes from him? And if we belong to Him, then would Allah see to cause us harm except that in it, there is definitely good? Indeed Allah is the all merciful [and all knowing].

When things conform to plan say Alhamdu lillah and when it does not conform to plan still say Alhamdu lillah for the believer is never at a loss. 'Wonderful is the case of the believer. Indeed in all his affairs there is good and this is not for anyone but the believer. If goodness reaches him he is grateful and that is good for him. If adversity reaches him, he is patient and that is good for him.'1

  • 1. Muslim

Posted in, note 50 (17 Rabi II 1433).