‘Indeed mankind is at a loss1’ due to their rampant heedlessness. They have become beguiled and engrossed in the world. They focus on the transient and forget about the permanent.

This can be likened to a man who has stumbled into a well – desperately trying to claw his way out. He grapples with all his might. The water below is fast rising to waist level, whilst two mice eat away at the rope above. Amidst such desperation, he is distracted by some honey on the wall. He now diverts all attention to attaining the honey.2

Indeed, the world we live in is our honey; a fleeting illusion of delight, deterring us from the reality that awaits us all – eternity of the hereafter. We content ourselves making this life of ours a comfort and a luxury. But whilst we make our beds at night, do we give a thought to the bed of soil that will be our resting place? Amidst our busy lives, let us not forget our one true aim; the pleasure of our creator – the lord of the world.

  • 1. Asr:1
  • 2. Adapted from a story by Imam Ghazali

Posted in ijtima.org, note 53 (25 Rabi II 1433).