Paradise for all

None of you has believed until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself

Let us ask ourselves what is it we really want? Every believer is desirous of Allah’s pleasure. If that is what we love for ourselves, then we must want it for others.

Allah commends those who command goodness and forbid evil. How many of our friend and family do we watch committing haram after haram yet leave them to it without offering advice in the kindest of manners. When the time for salah comes we rush to its call and tell our friends to wait outside the Masjid. We desire Jannah for ourselves, should we not want it for others!

Until we encourage the good, we will continue fooling ourselves. We pray nafl after nafl in one corner of the house whilst in the other, our family lay sleeping. Do good and encourage others. Remember, you will not have attained true belief until you love for others what you wish for yourself. You wish for Jannah, wish it for another.

Posted in, note 59 (8 Jumada II 1433).