Don’t waffle, speak clear

[Ambiguity is the result of uncertainty and a lack of direction. A Muslim should be focused, resolute and dedicated to Allah with no time for wastage. Think before you act. Think before you speak. If in doubt be silent and hold your peace. If you have something to say; say it clearly and concisely; do not waffle! - Saif]

My fight with most people is that they do not speak clear. Ambiguity makes me uneasy. Even if the matter is small it should be clear and concise. This is what is missing in most people. I try to instil this but [then] people get apprehensive. They want to conclude matters in a wishy-washy way as is done by the ignorant, pretentious and the snitch. I become uneasy when people speak in such a manner. I restrict them to which the entrants become perturbed. So this is my fight. If one speaks clear, I have no complaint.

Posted in, note 64 (27 Rajab 1433). Originally published in Malfuzat Hakim al-Ummat (1424). Hakim al-Ummat Ml. Ashraf Ali Tahnwi. Idarat Talifat Ashrafiya; Karachi, Pakistan. v.6 p. 261

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman