Be the message

[Our religion is Islam conferred to us by Allah almighty via his prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم). It is the truth and relevant for all time. Oh Muslims, be Muslim! Be the shepherd and not the sheep. Let our very presence be a call to Islam and a call for the consideration of the beauty of Islam. Sow the seed! - Saif]

It is a moral, human and rational responsibility upon us that we identify ourselves. [We must declare], to what religion we belong, what principles we accept and to what boundaries is our life confined. At the same time, we must familiarise others to our traits and bring them closer.

Encourage others to explore this religion. Create curiosity within them regarding this religion to which we adhere. In that, [give them the opportunity to ponder about ourselves,] what type of people are they and what do they believe? [Let them consider,] these people do not cause harm to any and want good for others. [Let them reflect,] they do not think money is everything, [rather] to them, there are other realities and values, there are other ideals. [Let them ponder about ourselves as to] what type of people are they who the largest of sums cannot buy, who cannot be moved from their principles, who cannot be enthused to oppression? Do they have a scholar of whom we are not aware?

There are some things that inflict the mind which at times brings a revolution within a person’s life and thoughts.

Posted in, note 70 (19 Muharram 1434). Originally published in Qur’ani Ifadat (1424). Ml. Sayyid Abu al-Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi. hmad Haqqani Nadwi (ed). Zam Zam Publishers; Karachi, Pakistan. p.326

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman