Read with love

[The first lesson when studying the din is to correct our intentions. The objective is the salvation in the hereafter. Allah almighty tells the prophet (peace be upon him) to inform us that, "If you love Allah, follow me". We study to seek the love of Allah not as a mere academic endevour to satiate our need to know. We must study with love for love as then only will the knowledge acquired become beneficial or else it may become a curse - Saif]

Hadith should absolutely not be studied as a pure academic endeavour. Rather the intention should be to uplift one's own Iman, to act and gain guidance. Furthermore whilst studying one should awaken the love and highness of the prophet of Allah (peace be upon him). It should be studied and listened with such attention and etiquette that it is as if you are present in the gathering of the prophet; that he is saying and we are listening. If this is done the light and blessing of this will be attained advanced in hand.

Posted in, note 89 (3 Dhul Qa'da 1434/ 10 Sept 2013). Originally published in Dibacha. Ma'arif al-Hadith by Nu'mani, Ml. Manzur Ahmad. 2001. Karachi, Pakistan; Dar al-Isha'at p. 14 v. 1.

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman