Lawharwi, Mufti Umar Faruq

Eid message: Do not forget!

This celebration, this Eid, this happy occasion is informing us. It is telling us to recap that look at the beloved slaves of Allah almighty. [Look] at the example they have left for you. To pass your life you must keep this example in front of you.

In this gathering if you are looking good after a bath, a time will come when you will leave this world and you will be wearing good clothing. However, the one who puts the clothing on you will be someone else. The one bathing you will be someone else. Do not forget that either.

Riding the waves after Ramadan

Our intention should be such that we renew our Iman, we keep it fresh. This Iman, this din, this shari'ah are the foundation of our life. This is a commodity, this is a treasure, this is an investment which we have to take safely to the other realm [...].

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