Usmani, Mufti Muhammad Shafi

Stand firm, be considerate

[Hakim Ummat Thanwi] related that Kishan Parshad was an important figure amongst the ruling elite of Haderabad. His daughters were Muslims. They once arrived here [in Thana Bhawan] and stayed at our house. One of the girls requested that, 'I want to come in front of his presence'.

Sincere speech

[Mufti Muzaffar Hussayn sahib Kandhalwi] used to give speeches looking into a book but the crowd used to be moved and left in wonder. He was asked regarding this effect to which he replied,

When I say something, I wish in my heart that every single person act upon it.

This is absolutely correct. The most important condition for a speech and advice to be effective is that the speaker and councilor be sincere and genuinely want change.

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