Stand firm, be considerate

[Stand firm on Islam and the solution will present itself - Islam is comprehensive and is free of all others. Be subordinate to Islam; do not make Islam subordinate to the whims of others or yourself. Be steadfast but be considerate without compromising Islam. The prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) was both firm and considerate - Saif]

[Hakim Ummat Thanwi] related that Kishan Parshad was an important figure amongst the ruling elite of Haderabad. His daughters were Muslims. They once arrived here [in Thana Bhawan] and stayed at our house. One of the girls requested that, 'I want to come in front of his presence'.

He [Thanwi] said, the answer to this request for me was predetermined in that she will not be permitted to come in front. However, I pondered on how to address [this] so that feelings are not hurt. Allah gave me an inspiration and I queried, 'does she want to speak also and merely wishes to come in front'. They responded that [she] wants to speak also. I said that my natural disposition is such that when in front of female strangers I am unable to speak. So they chose to suffice with speaking only. Upon this he told us,

A person who becomes steadfast or at least resembles the steadfast, then Insha-Allah Ta'ala such a person will not have to bear the burden of shame in this world

Posted in, note 41 (3 Safar 1433). Originally published in Majalis Hakim al-Ummat. (1396). Mufti Shafi Usmani (ed). Darul Isha’at: Karachi, Pakistan. p.322.

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman