Avoid the six that begin with ghayn

[At all times remember who you are. Remember that you are a slave. A slave is required to adopt humility and control anger, to be active but not extravagant, to be loyal not hateful or slanderous. Remember who you are! Remember that you are the slave of Allah almighty - Saif]

If you can avoid six things in life you are guaranteed to attain success. If you want elevation with Allah you must avoid the six ghayns (the six that begin with ghayn). They have destroyed the ummat today unfortunately. What are they?

  1. Number one is ghadab (anger). How many families have been destroyed because of anger, because of ghadab!
  2. Number two is ghaflat (heedlessness). People are in a state of heedlessness.
  3. Number three, ghurur [also referred to as] takabbur (pride). How many people in the ummat are in a state of pride either because of their wealth, because of their status whatever!
  4. Another ghayn is ghulu (extravagance).
  5. Another ghayn, is ghill which means hatred. We make dua in the Quran that “Rabbana La taj’al fi qulubina ghillal lil-lazina amanu1”. But unfortunately, we have so much [hatred] for our brethren. We cannot see our Muslim brother be given a lofty rank by Allah almighty, we cannot see it.
  6. Then you got ghibat (backbiting).

If you can avoid the six ghayns, insha Allah, Allah will give you a lofty rank.

  • 1. ربنا لاتجعل في قلوبنا غلا للذين امنوا - سورة الحشر: 10

Posted in ijtima.org, note 103 (13 Jumada II 1435 | 13 April 2014)