Nawab, Ml. Muhammad Saleem

The master-slave relationship

May Allah almighty give us the ability to recognise our relationship with Allah almighty. We are slaves of Allah, not even the servants of Allah, we are slaves of Allah and Allah is our master. We never question Allah almighty. [The action of the wise is not devoid of wisdom]1. Allah almighty is wise and we do not question the wise.

Avoid the six that begin with ghayn

If you can avoid six things in life you are guaranteed to attain success. If you want elevation with Allah you must avoid the six ghayns (the six that begin with ghayn). They have destroyed the ummat today unfortunately. What are they?

Dars Quran by Shaykh al-Hadith Ml. Saleem Nawab

A series of the recordings of the weekly Quran lessons given by Mawlana Saleem Nawab (may Allah almighty preserve him)

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