The master-slave relationship

[Once a ruling has been determined to be from Allah almighty, a true Muslim will say, "We have heard and we shall obey". It is fool hardy to refrain and ask why for the ruling will be the same irrespective of the answer. Iblis was cursed when he sought justification and second guessed Allah almighty. Obey Allah, there is none worthy of worship but Him - Saif]

May Allah almighty give us the ability to recognise our relationship with Allah almighty. We are slaves of Allah, not even the servants of Allah, we are slaves of Allah and Allah is our master. We never question Allah almighty. [The action of the wise is not devoid of wisdom]1. Allah almighty is wise and we do not question the wise. He can never be questioned but yes, we can be questioned2. So you do not turn around and say, Allah almighty is so merciful so why such evil in the world. We do not question Allah almighty for Allah knows best. A slave does not turn back to the master and say why are you telling me to clean the windows when I can do something else. We do not have the right to question Allah almighty. May Allah almighty give us the ability and the understanding to realise that we are slaves of Allah almighty and nothing else and that is our connection with Allah.

Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Saleem Nawab
3 Rajab 1435 (After Maghrib)
2 May 2014

  • 1. فعل الحكيم لا يخلو عن الحكمة
  • 2. لا يسئل عن ما يفعل و هم يسئلون - انبياء 23