A letter of condolence

[This was a letter I wrote some years back (25 September 2012) upon being informed that the mother of a colleague has passed. Since then I have adapted the letter on numerous occasions as the message is universal. Saif]

I was sadden to here of the passing of your mother. Please accept my deepest condolence. May Allah almighty forgive and have mercy upon her. May He grant her jannah without any reckoning.

Know this! She has left this world which is cruel and a prison for the believer and has gone to Allah almighty who is more merciful and kind than any creature in existence. She has gone to a place that is better and it is Allah almighty who will take care of her and He is the best of carers.

Though she may have left you, it is only temporary and you shall meet her in the not too distant future. Pray for her and pray for her often. More importantly practice your din for you are her legacy; your elevation to Allah is her increase in the ranks to Allah.

If you devote your life to Allah, the Almighty will make a place for you and your mother in paradise. That place will be everlasting and you shall never depart. But if you abandon Allah, your place will be in the hell fire and your departure will be prolonged. Take stock of your life and change yourself for the better and pray for your mother. For we are for Allah and all of us shall return to him (inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un).

Do not despair or complain, these are the days of pain, it will pass. Indeed good days are ahead of us and remain steadfast to Allah. Soon you shall rejoice together and that shall be everlasting. May Allah forgive us all, give us a good death. May Allah almighty have mercy upon us and give us a place in paradise with the grave and the fire never harming or touching us. Amin.


Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
6 Rabi I 1437
18 December 2015


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