Nawhami, Muhammad Saifur Rahman

The best way to say sorry

All praise is to Allah, the most merciful and kind. He does not burden us with that which we cannot bear. Praise to Allah! He gives us every opportunity to succeed and sent His beloved messenger to show us how to succeed. Praise is to Allah! He forgives our shortcoming and even taught how to say sorry. Certainly, we have oppressed ourselves and severely so. None can forgive except for Allah Almighty, We seek His forgiveness humbly and without reservation even though we do not deserve. We seek His mercy in hope of infinite kindness.

Fallen hero

Other than the prophets and those Allah Almighty has foretold of paradise, there is no guarantee of success for any person. To believe yourself or any person after the sahabah to be exempt from failure, is foolhardy. All people struggle and therein lies the beauty. It is Allah Almighty who gives success and it is He who takes it away. The greatest blessing in this world is that we persevere to do good despite failure and we die in the state that Allah Almighty is pleased with us. Indeed, Allah Almighty is all-forgiving and most gracious.

Ml. Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri keeps his word

A trader in Saharanpur invited the entire group for launch the next day. [Ml. Khalil Ahmad Saharapuri] gave his word that he will return [from his village] in the morning and arrive in the afternoon to eat. That day in the evingin, he went to the village and stayed the night. In the morning at the time of his departure, it started raining so heavily that it was hard to take a step. However, this did not waiver him. The family objected that don’t travel in such a condition.

A letter of condolence

Do not despair or complain, these are the days of pain, it will pass. Indeed good days are ahead of us and remain steadfast to Allah. Soon you shall rejoice together and that shall be everlasting. May Allah forgive us all, give us a good death. May Allah almighty have mercy upon us and give us a place in paradise with the grave and the fire never harming or touching us.




Eid message: Do not forget!

This celebration, this Eid, this happy occasion is informing us. It is telling us to recap that look at the beloved slaves of Allah almighty. [Look] at the example they have left for you. To pass your life you must keep this example in front of you.

In this gathering if you are looking good after a bath, a time will come when you will leave this world and you will be wearing good clothing. However, the one who puts the clothing on you will be someone else. The one bathing you will be someone else. Do not forget that either.

90 minutes

If you can sit 90 minutes for a sports match, surely you can spare 90 minutes for salah. If you can follow an event doggedly for one month1, surely you can continue devotedly to pray for one month in Ramadan. If you can sacrifice sleep on a work night for instant results, surely you can forward the same courtesy and pray without delay when Allah almighty beckons.

When Ramadan comes

When Ramadan comes, the door of mercy is open so do more good, recite the Quran and fast for it has been prescribed. When Ramadan comes, the door of fire is shut so desist from evil, repent and seek Laylat al-Qadr. When Ramadan comes, the devils are put in jail so do not become the agent of shaytan or cause corruption; be mindful of the rights of others and seek freedom from the fire of hell. Ramadan is a great gift from Allah; utilise it, do not squander it.



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