The path to paradise

[This note is a summary of a symposium on jannah by students studying the Alimiyyah programme at Madani Madrasah]

Adopt the qualities of the people of jannah, and avoid the qualities of the people of jahannam. Do not be complacent or lose hope and turn to Allah always for with him is the final judgement. He is the lord of All the world and to Him we shall return.

It is easy to acquire jannah if one has faith, is willing to submit and be sincere in their intention. Pause and ponder on what lies ahead for those with whom Allah Almighty is pleased and who are destined for jannah. Do not think the task as impossible rather make sincere intention and start with small deeds - in time the little will become a lot. Praise is to Allah the most merciful and kind.

A little bit of action which is done consistently is better than a one time large action which is rarely repeated. Give priority to abandoning sins and good deeds will be easier. Do not do nafl (optional) at the expense of fardh for that is foolhardy but if you can do both then that is better. Control your tongue, fulfill your duties, and humble yourself to Allah Almighty - this is the path to paradise.

Be a person whose iman is strong, who prays salah often, completes their fasts often, and gives charity often beyond the minimum. Be a person who strives in the paths of Allah to his house or in the defense of His name. Be a person who is engaged in zikr and not in anger. For each one of these eight qualities, Allah Almighty has reserved a door in jannah.

O Allah! Give us the best in this world and best in the hereafter. Let the fire never touch us and grant us paradise without taking account. Verily we are not entitled to jannah and deserve the fire but you beg of it by your grace for you are the all-merciful, all-kind and the Lord of all the worlds.


Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
10 Safar 1440
19 October 2018

Posted in ijtima. Note 181019501 (10 Safar 1440 / 19 October 2018).