Real change

People assume that let us acquire some wealth, a few buildings and some property, thereafter we can advance. However, this is not the way of advancement as these things can be lost. In an upheaval even homes are lost, shops are sold, and the markets burned. If one's status hinges upon these [things] it will be destroyed altogether. If one has the spirit within them-self then even if hundreds of thousands of markets burn, it may to burn. Thereafter numerous more will be established - it will not burden the Mu'min (believer) one bit; not the burning or the coming. Hence, wherever other solutions are presented they are of a secondary nature. The primary solution is that a Muslim should be a Muslim. The meaning of being [a Muslim] is that they absorb the spirit of the Quran with them-self.

Posted in, note 30. Originally published in Khutbat Hakim al-Islam. Hakim al-Ummat Qari Muhammad Qasimi. v.1 p.163

Translated by Muhammad Saifur Rahman