Hunting mice

The signs and lessons from Allah are everywhere for one willing to look and ponder - even in the pesky mice that see it fit to grace their presence every now and then in my humble abode. Allahu Akbar! The amount of damage and the strengths these little creatures have astonishes me. Be it wood or concrete, high or low; they seem to cut through and reach it.

These slippery rodents have become accustomed to the usual death traps so I have resorted to pesticide – tiny little treats laced with poison. I placed some in the suspected areas and success - it was eaten. The following day again I put more and it was eaten and then came the lull – the mice are nowhere to be seen. They had assumed they had found something great, they called their family to it and took it to their children. They revelled at their good fortune without realising that this was anything but.

Be careful of innovation (bid’ah) and transgressions. That which is new to Islam or an apparent necessity may seem appealing and chic but it may be the seed to our impending doom. We will call our friend to it, bring it to our families and they too shall share our fate. We will bask in the glory of our success but that will be short and in return we would have lost all that was dear to us. Hold on to the shari’ah for that is resolute and tread carefully on other things.

I am not filled with joy at my success for now I need to find the dead bodies but I take solace in this lesson. I am also reminded of the following lesson: always wash your hand, never leave food uncovered, use a table-spread, pick up loose morsels, lick your finger and thank Allah for making this food a source of good health. Indeed Allah almighty is all knowing and his messenger (peace be upon him) is wise. Let us hold on their path for success in both realms lies therein.

Posted in, note 57 (14 Jumada I 1433).