Patience and gratitude: synergy

Patience and gratefulness are co-dependent qualities; both must be sought if one wants to acquire bliss and the pleasure of Allah. The troubled must become grateful for that is when they will acquire patience. The favoured must be patient through contentment for that is when they will become grateful. Glory is to Allah who loves the patient and the grateful.

The grateful will be satisfied even if they have nothing for they will see good in every circumstance. They will concentrate on what Allah almighty has given rather than what they have lost; this is the essence of patience. The impatient will not be satisfied even in the greatest of circumstance. If they were given a million they will want a million more. They will concentrate on what they did not receive rather than what they already have. This is the essence of ungratefulness.

The patient person is grateful and the grateful are the patient. The person who is missing either has neither. We must have both patience and gratefulness to be able to gain from a circumstance. Great is the position of the believer for a Muslim is never at a loss. This is the mercy of Allah and his rewards are for those who are patient and grateful.

Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
21 Rajab 1433
12 June 2012

Posted in, note 59 (21 Rajab 1433).