The dedicated student

Knowledge is granted to those that are humble and have trust for without it there is cynicism and doubt. If you wish to acquire the sacred knowledge choose wisely1 and dedicate. Thereafter, trust in their judgement or part company; do not meddle2. There are ample lessons for us in the story of Hadrat Musa and Khidr (عليهما السلام).

Ml. Saleem Dhorat3 quotes Ml. Masihullah Khan Sahib as saying, "One should gain admittance (Dakhil) in the madarsah but should not become engrossed (Dakheel). Enter to study in the madarsah, do not enter in the running of the madarsah. If the book was taught by so and so, it would have been good. [If it was] not with so and so, it would be good. If this book was taught like this, it would have been good. [If] this book was not in the curriculum, it would have been good. [If] the lecture was brief, it would have been good. [If] it was lengthy it would have been good. This teacher is slightly weak in the subject; if they did not have the book it would have been good. [If] that time was allocated for preparation, it would have been good. If revision started at that time, it would have been good. This not our job; it is the job of the principal, it is the job of the coordinator, it is the job of the teacher."

The dedicated student is focused, humble and led by the guided whilst the preoccupied student is unfocused, stubborn, and coarse 4, led by their whim and the misguided. The first gains fortitude whilst the latter delves deeper in ignorance thus becoming a compound ignorant5.

Muhammad Saifur Rahman
10 Safar 1434
23 December 2012

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